Fucked Up Burger Shack Release 19

I've got a new release of FUBS ready! 10.19 has a lot of smoothing out of rough edges. I've added keyboard shortcuts for saving, undo/redo and increasing/decreasing font size. The interface has different icons, better bold/italic text, and emoji support. The evil bug with undo/redo is fixed in this version (after hiding in some dusty code for a long while where I couldn't find it because it wanted to be like that for some reason which isn't cool at all). There are also a few new cyoa scenes that lead up to getting Burger Bus upgrades.

Here are the all important changelog and download links.

Version 10.19 [Compatibility:10 Release:19]

• Added a notification when passage text is copied the keyboard
• Added coloring to stats while working the burger bus
• Added encounter LOU 2
• Added encounter RANDO 7
• Added encounter REM 4
• Added encounter SIL 1
• Added support for emoji 👻 ... kind of
• Added the ability to change font size with ctrl(cmd) + plus/minus
• Added the ability to save with ctrl + s, cmd + s
• Added the ability to undo with ctrl(cmd) + z, redo with ctrl + y or ctrl(cmd) + shift + z
• Added variations to LOU 1
• Changed FUBS to display the launcher by default. The launcher can be hidden by disabling a setting.
• Changed in game alerts to bold font
• Changed the default quality setting to 'Good' to enable v sync by default. This setting can be changed in the launcher menu.
• Changed the game toolbar icons. Saving is done with the floppy disk rather than bookmark. Undo/redo now use circular arrows. Changing the font size uses a Bigger/smaller A rather than plus/minus. Loading is now an open folder icon rather than the floppy disk.
• Fixed a bug with undo/redo that was corrupting the game state sometimes
• Fixed Feedback form input field size issue
• Fixed Feedback form to actually send version of FUBS -_-
• Fixed game saves screen open path button not functioning when relaunching the game
• Fixed issue preventing copying of current passage text
• Fixed issue with game saves not resuming at the passage saved when redo steps were available at the time of the save
• Fixed sloppy looking italic/bold text



As for the current release on Patreon, I've started work on the Burger Shack phase! I'm working out mechanics super heavily like, so there is not much to see yet (so far only basic navigation and employee application review). Plan is to have the Shack up and running for release 22, or at the very least have some saucy (literally) applicant interviews added.

Release 21 has a grab bag of fixes to things like partner descriptions, default preferences file, ability to use sauce jars for sauce action, new pieces of text like Femen invasion, improvements to save compatibility, text styling features and image capabilities, player ranking tied to corruption and sexuality, UI optimizations, yadda yadda yadda ... yeah I'm going to get back to Shack dev because I'm into it right now. But do drop into Discord if you'd like to discuss what you'd like to see. https://discord.gg/xWB2RPJ

Version 10.21 [Compatibility:10 Release:21]

• Added a default preference file that can be used to skip Character Setup. Later it will hold flags to enable 'opt-in' content.
• Added a small event when cleaning inside burger bus.
• Added ability to clean inside Burger Bus at the gas station. It gets dirty over time.
• Added ability to toggle on auto saves & save compression from the console.
• Added beef images when sourcing food.
• Added body hair, tattoos, piercings to skin descriptions.
• Added new visual styles for bodies of text (fonts, alignment, styles).
• Added player character ranking, rank changes based on corruption and sexuality. There are 49 ranks to achieve such as priest, knight, whore, or baby daddy. Rank is displayed in the meditate menu, and after surviving another day.
• Added teller explanations when making bad transactions at the Bank of Bunk.
• Added the ability to recoup 1 sauce jar if you use the sauce action, but don't have any customers.
• Added the ability to use Secret Sauce jars for the Sauce action by popular request.
• Changed Fate to use an initialization passage for variables. This helps make game saves compatible across versions.
• Changed partner descriptions to include more face details (makeup) and some other things.
• Changed save compression back to on by default.
• Changed the text for hormone preferences to better explain how they affect the RandoEngine.
• Changed the text of consent preferences to represent their intended affect.
• Changed undo/redo buttons to visually disable when undo/redo is not possible.
• Fixed an issue when using console to set game data path.
• Fixed food quality description when at the food shop.
• Fixed minor inefficiencies with the underlying UI system.
• Fixed obvious pussy/cock/breast/ass affinity issues with gay Randos.
• Fixed save item text to truncate rather than wrap.
• Fixed sexually experienced virgin Randos from having virgin hands, which suggested that they had gained experience in hands free sex acts... which is unlikely I guess.
• Fixed virginity status not being taken away after deflowering pussy/cock.

Get Release 21 and support the development of FUBS


Moo'ving right along!

Three magic lines.

> image "cow-cheap"
> image "cow-decent"
> image "cow-tasty"

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And no, I am not better than that cow pun...


Fucked Up Burger Shack 10.20 + 9.18 Public Release

Fucked Up Burger Shack v 9.18

I've got more FUBS again.

This update includes lewder negotiation with Skye, A new event with Layla, and the ability for Randos to be generated without underclothes on.

I also fixed a bunch of issues including the well known FlorMart bug.

Here are the changes in a pleasing log format:

Version 9.18 [Compatibility:9 Release:18] [06/05/17]

• Added ability to underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript through source code
• Added additional 'negotiations' to Skye 01 and hooked final offer made to Skye's respect score.
• Added chance for Randos to go commando based on depravity. Men have a general 50/50 chance of wearing undershirts. Women go braless based on breast size, nipple coverage of top, and several different mental traits.
• Added game directory launch button to first run screen
• Added Lay 06
• Added toast notification when game is saved.
• Changed FlorMart to SiftAndThrift & tweaked discovery conditions. FlorMart will reappear as a step up later on.
• Changed Generic gas station to Lube 'n Pump
• Changed many in game notices to use icons and more consistent colors.
• Changed Rando 4 to use scaling high cash amount rather than 5k.
• Changed Skye 01 to hook into several bad banking transactions.
• Changed sleep action to only work when stamina is below max at home.
• Changed start of game from Day 0 to Day 1 because time != a collection.
• Fixed bank teller idle mode presenting traveling options.
• Fixed bug when exiting SiftAndThrift (formerly FlorMart).
• Fixed credit card payment negative amount issue.
• Fixed criteria that was limiting REM 02.
• Fixed little Typo when leaving Simi's Delights.
• Fixed missing stats bar at start of Rando 06.
• Fixed several issues with Busted scenario.
• Fixed stat bar dependencies in story scenes.
• Fixed Statistics bug that reversed fucked/fucked by.
• Fixed unnecessary bloat in game saves.

You can download Fucked Up Burger Shack version 9.18 using the usual Mega and Mediafire links to the right.

Also feel free to dip into the FUBS Discord to discuss things, that is here: https://discord.gg/xWB2RPJ

/* ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ */

Fucked Up Burger Shack v 10.20

And here is some info about version 10.20. It's an update to the graphics and look of the game, while still keeping the buggy core untouched. Best Served visually with an awkward screencast.

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I picked up working on the GUI as I realized that I wouldn't be able to get all of my writing for 'booty calls' coded in time, and I didn't want to delay this build. I hope this build fixes the odd pink square issues that some people have experienced when Playing FUBS.

Here is a changelog:

Version 10.20 [Compatibility:10 Release:20] [07/06/17]

• Added an in game console with commands for working with the game data path, resetting, saving/loading/quitting the game.
• Added an indicator for unreachable paths entered into for the game data path.
• Added colors and icons to stat bars when character relationships change.
• Added the ability to reject license agreement.
• Changed cock/pussy descriptions to again include race, except only if not Caucasian (ethnic majority).
• Changed in game text elements to use optimized shaders. Might fix pink box issues when starting a new game.
• Changed the 'fucked by' preference wording to better reflect the intended purpose, consenting to non-consensual use.
• Changed the visual appearance of many elements throughout the game screens.
• Fixed a few broken links in RAND 4.
• Fixed default quality setting reverting to 'fastest' rather than 'good'. 'good' should enable vsync if supported.
• Fixed issue that eliminated fee after being towed.
• Fixed RandoEngine issue causing the generation of Randos with biologically unrealistic amounts of children. (can still find 'em with a shit ton of kids though).
• Fixed Silvano stat bar.

If for some strange reason you would like to support the development of Fucked Up Burger Shack and get this shiny new build, go here: https://www.patreon.com/bunkville